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16 November 2008 @ 07:01 pm
My Britney moment - or rather moments  
Ok so here's the scoop - I went completely mental on my hair this weekend.  I've cut it all off.  Not a total shave look but pretty close. 

Here's the play by play:

Friday - Me - Hmm I think I'll get my hair cut - I feel like a change - I flip through the magazines pick a style and poof - my hair is shorter - I'm walking through the mall and I love it - I feel cool - I feel sexy.

Saturday - Me - Crap - why can't I do the style - it looks like total shit - I can't go to work like this!!!!  Then to make matters worse - I go and get a pair of scissors and cut off some of the bits I don't like - Yes that's right I took a pair of scissors to my own head.  That's when things went down hill.  Around 6pm my husband gets home - I beg him to help me and he does.  Again another stupid move - he evens it up as best as he can but still I look goofy.

Sunday - Ok I can't stop obsessing - I go and get my hair cut by a professional - I tell her just to even it out.  Well that's exactly what she does.  I leave and I'm not completely happy but I figure I'll manage.  As the day wears on - I'm still obsessing.  I look like a mushroom.  So  on our way to Matthew's swimming lesson I tell my husband to drop me off at a hair place.  There I proceed to get my hair fixed.  By this point it is really short and really messed up.  The guy fixes it up  nice and I get some highlights and buy some styling products.  I'm happier - but still dreading going to work tomorrow.  My hair is gone. Above the ears gone.  Shears to the back of the head gone.

Oh well - good thing it grows.

I did really like the salon that fixed up my hair - I think I'll go back there from now on.

Wish me luck for tomorrow - I don't want to be mocked to much.  :)
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bitofaspazbitofaspaz on November 17th, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)
OMG. You chopped it off.

I HAVE to see this.

I cannot fathom that you let the man who shaves his head and your dog (with the same razor perhaps?) anywhere NEAR your head!!! Dude! Did you forget my eyebrow DIY experience???

You should have called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sure it looks great, I just cannot picture it at all. I have never ever known you with crazy short hair.

Lunch date some time this week?
ima_totalgeekima_totalgeek on November 17th, 2008 01:05 pm (UTC)
I know - WHAT was I thinking!?!!

Anyway - since I usually wear it tied back - it does not look all that different from the front - it's the back and sides that are freaking me out.

I have to admit it was very nice not to try and fight my hair into a pony tail this morning.

Let's do lunch - call me at work - and only a few more sleeps until TWILIGHT - I'm keeping my expectations low - but hoing I'll be pleasantly surprised.

ALso just for Nat - Did you know that Shark Boy - is who is playing Jacob? Crazy eh?

Woodchuckdenvermarmot on November 17th, 2008 03:38 pm (UTC)
hair styling
Look at it this way: it WILL grow back out. Unlike poor guys with male pattern baldness. :-D
(You really should post a pic.)

The few times in my life that I've gone to a stylist for a cut, the first thing I say is: "Pretend I'm a guy. I wash my hair and let it dry. Do NOT give me any cut that requires more work than that!" Usually, they are pretty cool with it. Once I splurged and got a poodle perm, but that just required a switch from a brush to a pick.

Over the years, I've watched the stylist's techniques carefully, so now do my own bangs and ends. My hair refuses to grow past the middle of my back, so I just let it go until it's time to take off the split ends. And I've gotten pretty good at layering the bangs.