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19 May 2010 @ 07:30 am
The transition from youth to adulthood can be smooth or incredibly difficult. What is the most important lesson you learned since middle school, and how has it guided you?

"this too shall pass"  High-school was pure hell for me.  Worrying about it seemed to be overwhelming - now as an adult - I look back and can realize how insignificant some of my worries were in the greater scheme of my life.  This lesson also applies to the good stuff too - it also passes - often much too fast - I've learned to savour moments and remember special moments by simplifying them - for example - a vacation I have enjoyed - I'll take extra time to run the warm sand through my fingers and toes, feeling the warmth, taking in the sounds.

I know it's pretty geeky - but hey - that's how I roll!
23 July 2009 @ 04:55 pm
Well we're back!

We had such a fun time on holiday.  We were in grand bend and we stayed at this place called Bonnie Doone Manor - it's right on the beach.  We could literally walk accross to the beach from our room every day (well after our Tim Horton's run that is - Angelo and I are complete addicts :))

We spent lots of time at the beach, checking out the main "strip"  and we even went to a drive in!!  I had never been to one so it was pretty fun.  We saw Harry Potter again.  The whole family saw it for $9- it was family night as luck would have it.

I'm happy to be back in my own home.  As much as I like going away -I like being at home more.  The room, bed and washroom were all VERY small.  I'm talking double beds, and a washroom that we basically had to shimy around in, and no place to put even your toothbrush.

I still have a few days left of vacation - perhaps a little gardening, some re-arranging of furniture or re-decorating is in order. 

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Well the first night that I went to sleep knowing that I actually stop breathing was a bit scary - I was worried - what if I don't wake up enough?  I started to feel my airway block up.  I have a headhache this morning. 

I have someone coming on monday from the respiration sales place to set me up with a machine. - aka new bed partner.

Yeah - this kind of beauty help I didn't need.

I've been googling everything I can about sleep apnea - but I can't find out what makes it severe - I tried calling the Dr. again but I have not heard back. 

Oh well.

Today I'm taking the afternoon off.  I'm going to the waters with bitofaspaz I'm really looking forward to that.

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03 March 2009 @ 07:59 am
Today the new U2 cd is available - I'll have to preview it - but I think I'll get the single for sure.  Hope it lives up to all your expectations  bonoinakilt !

Second - My mom is home!  She still can't put weight on her leg - and there are worries about blood clots since she is not able to move her leg too much but - overall she's doing great.

Work is pretty nuts right now - getting ready for year end - and it's only the beginning.  I'm working Sat - we have a board/management strategic planning meeting - and let me tell you that while it may be interesting (to me at least) it's still a Sat and I would have much rather been at home with my family.

I'll update on my mission 101 list later - I have to get to work! 

Cheers all and Happy March 3rd!
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22 January 2009 @ 10:14 pm
This week has been insane - Monday was a long day - regular work and then a finance committee meeting inthe evening, Tues I was planning to get home early except there was a major problem on the subway and it took me over two hours to get home.  Wed I had a board meeting at the Centre where I volunteer and today I had a board meeting where I'm the director of finance.  All I can say is - thank god tomorrow is friday!

I'm looking forward to having a family get  together on Sunday - it's supposed to be at my place but I haven't cleaned in ages - hopefully I'll get that "cleaning bug" on Sat and then have everyone over. 

The vegan thing is really hard - I just don't have enough time to prepare meals, however, I'm still veg.  My husband is really supporting me on this.  I've already lost some weight - enought that one of my co-workers who I don't see very often has noticed a change.  This is really motivating me.

I've also figured out how to finish a sodoku puzzle - I sucj at them but I still like to try

And I'm almost finished my kiddlings's scarf!  - I'll post a picture when it's done.  I taught myself how to knit - I'm so proud. 

Cheers  - all and congrats to my American friends for having a new president - this one seems pretty cool.
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17 January 2009 @ 09:58 am
So this week has been a busy one

the plant is still alive - I just need to add water.

the rainbow scarf for my son is about half finished - I used you tube to teach myself how to knit - pretty cool!

still living vegetarian - the vegan thing is very hard - but I've kept dairy to a minimum and no eggs (Just cream in my coffee)

Did some volunteering at the women's centre

And I've lost some weight  -enough that I can notice some of my clothes fitting a bit better

I started my yoga session this week too

Go me!

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16 November 2008 @ 07:01 pm
Ok so here's the scoop - I went completely mental on my hair this weekend.  I've cut it all off.  Not a total shave look but pretty close. 

Here's the play by play:

Friday - Me - Hmm I think I'll get my hair cut - I feel like a change - I flip through the magazines pick a style and poof - my hair is shorter - I'm walking through the mall and I love it - I feel cool - I feel sexy.

Saturday - Me - Crap - why can't I do the style - it looks like total shit - I can't go to work like this!!!!  Then to make matters worse - I go and get a pair of scissors and cut off some of the bits I don't like - Yes that's right I took a pair of scissors to my own head.  That's when things went down hill.  Around 6pm my husband gets home - I beg him to help me and he does.  Again another stupid move - he evens it up as best as he can but still I look goofy.

Sunday - Ok I can't stop obsessing - I go and get my hair cut by a professional - I tell her just to even it out.  Well that's exactly what she does.  I leave and I'm not completely happy but I figure I'll manage.  As the day wears on - I'm still obsessing.  I look like a mushroom.  So  on our way to Matthew's swimming lesson I tell my husband to drop me off at a hair place.  There I proceed to get my hair fixed.  By this point it is really short and really messed up.  The guy fixes it up  nice and I get some highlights and buy some styling products.  I'm happier - but still dreading going to work tomorrow.  My hair is gone. Above the ears gone.  Shears to the back of the head gone.

Oh well - good thing it grows.

I did really like the salon that fixed up my hair - I think I'll go back there from now on.

Wish me luck for tomorrow - I don't want to be mocked to much.  :)
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15 July 2008 @ 08:59 pm
 Ok - I'm going to gush about my little guy - he's 5 (6 next month) and he just passed his deep end test at the local pool three days in a row.  He swims front crawl and tries side breathing and everything. He has to swim two widths of the pool without touching the bottom in order to be allowed in the deep end with us.  

I'm so proud!
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06 July 2008 @ 07:45 pm
 Usually I love my job - but since I've been away on vacation for a week - I've had a really nice time.  I've been to the beach, swimming, sleeping, reading, eating better and just generally having fun.  I guess that's what vacations are all about.

I have another two weeks off around July 20th.  I'm pretty excited. That's when I go camping and then have a week to just relax.

I'm just feeling a little blue at having to go back.

I'll try not to work too hard so I don't have to unwind so much when I go on holidays again.

I know booo hoo - whining about work when life is pretty good - I know I'm a total geek :)
23 June 2008 @ 08:51 pm
 I'm taking next week off. I'm so looking forward to it.  Pretty much I'm going to do stuff around the city on the weekend with Matthew and Angelo, but then Wed-Fri I'm on my own.  I'm praying for some nice weather so that I can go to the beach.

I have a ton of work to do before then - but knowing I have some time off is going to get me through.

I'm so burnt out these days.
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